Company Principles

We have a growing list of ideals and rules that we live by at Lawn Chair. Most of these ideals we have pulled from both our past experiences and from reading articles and essays. Some are from personal values we believe are important.

As we continue to learn and grow, we expect these lists will do the same. Today, this is what we believe in.

For the company and for those who work with us

  1. Define expectations from the start
  2. Be kind, courteous & respectful
  3. Be determined to succeed
  4. Be comfortable with rejection
  5. Learn from mistakes
  6. Be passionate and don't work on something you are not passionate about
  7. Ship sooner rather than later
  8. Do the simple things first, but work effectively
  9. Provide constructive peer feedback
  10. Offer solutions and opportunities: don't complain
  11. Keep your eyes on the prize: stay focused
  12. Manage for the mission: say no more than yes
  13. Never stop wanting to learn new things

For products, for design and for code

  1. People not users
  2. Ship sooner instead of later, but avoid breaking things
  3. Resolve bugs and issues quickly
  4. Do not add arbitrary features
  5. Keep it simple: less is more
  6. Build loyalty and show empathy: listen to and understand people
  7. The product is never finished: there's just lack of imagination
  8. Fear the right things: "don’t worry about that, worry about this instead"